Funding Success to develop small-scale sterilisation system

In a coup for all small-scale dairy practitioners wishing to produce extended shelf life (ESL) milk, the R&D team at Milk-Pro International recently gained funding approval to develop the Milk-Pro Plus small-scale sterilisation system. The South African government's Industrial Development Council (IDC) has agreed to part-sponsor the development process by providing funds from its SPii Grant Funding Program. Called the Milk-Pro Plus to discern it from the existing Milk-Pro pasteurisation system, it will include certain aspects from the Milk-Pro system with the added benefit of being able to produce fortified ESL milk, the nutritional value of which will be able to be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.

ESL milk doesn't require refrigerated storage like pasteurised milk and has been the exclusive domain of large-scale dairy processors in an industry with massive barriers to entry up till now. The Milk-Pro Plus is set to change all that, and will be targeting producers and processors wishing to process between 2,000 and 3,000 liters of milk per day. Development is still in its initial stages, and the prototype test unit should be operational some 12 months after funding issues have been finalised. We are sourcing funding to the order of US$ 150,000.00, so anyone interested in assisting with funding is encouraged to contact Milk-Pro International.

Keep watching this space.

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