The Milk-Pro System

Milk-Pro International are African agents for Daviesway Dairy Equipment, Australia's oldest privately-owned dairy supply company, who specialise in entry-level milking technology for developing market.
Sachet filling Unit. An innovative, gravity-fed sachet filling system, the manually-operated Milk-Pro Sachet Filler forms sachets from a continuous roll of plastic tubing. The easily-available plastic tubing can be printed with individual logos or designs.
Rapid chilling of the pasteurised milk in the Milk-Pro Chilling Tank ensures extended shelf-life of the milk at proper storage temperatures.
Now individual or groups of small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs can add value to a highly-perishable product like milk, in an inexpensive, innovative, and hygienic way.
The filled sachets are sealed and cut in one operation.
Wire baskets hold the sachets stationary during pasteurisation, and also make loading and unloading the pasteuriser a simple process.
Once loaded with raw milk, the Milk-Pro Pasteuriser controls the time and temperature of the pasteurisation cycle. Post-pasteurisation contamination of the milk is impossible, making the Milk-Pro in-container pasteurisation process one of the most hygienic small-scale systems available.
Milk-Pro Pasteurisation System Video

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