In an age where HIV/AIDS is having a devastating effect on worldwide populations, the mortality rate amongst infants born from HIV-positive mothers is growing. A significant proportion of mother-to-child transmission of HIV is attributed to breast feeding. However, pasteurising breast milk from HIV-positive mothers kills the virus in the milk, so that it can safely be bottle-fed to infants, dramatically improving their chances of survival to childhood. Premature babies have under-developed digestive systems, and their chances of survival are also improved by feeding them with pasteurised breast milk instead of breast milk substitutes.

The Milk-True pasteuriser is adapted from the Milk-Pro pasteuriser concept, and is specifically designed to process 2-3 liters of breast milk per day. Breast milk is expressed and donated by lactating mothers to breast milk banks, clinics, hospitals and orphanages, where it is pasteurised with the Milk-True pasteurisers, before being fed to AIDS orphans and premature infants. For technical information on the Milk-True units, see technical specs.

The South African Breastmilk Reserve (SABR) is expanding the breast milk bank concept around South Africa and beyond, using the Milk-True pasteurisers exclusively.

Click here to view technical specs on the Milk-True Unit.


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